Today was productive.  I wouldn’t say we did any science, but we are certainly getting ready to!  Kiana, Pete and I spent a long time today getting seawater plumbed to our van.  This involved pumps, filters, various fittings and clamps, and of course, many lengths of garden hose.  We ended up flooding the van in the process, but lets not dwell on that, shall we?  Seawater alll over equipment = recipe for corrosion.  The good thing is that you can just hose it out.

We also started putting together all the valves and fittings for our high pressure pumps.  These allow us to keep titanium vessels at the same pressures that exist on the ocean floor.  Very cool, but a bit scary if you are also heating the contents of the vessel.

The work day ended with a bit of danger laced crafts time.  We  sewed titanium mesh into a burrito shape with titanium wire (this stuff is sharp, and on a rocky boat leaves your finger quite sore).  These burritos will be filled with things that microbes can grow on and left in a chimney for a while to see what grows on them.

I am really excited by the idea of getting to bed before midnight.  We are currently transiting to a new site where we will dive tomorrow.  Hopefully we will get samples for Kiana and I to work with.

That’s all for now… more pictures soon.