If the winds are above 25 knots, Alvin does not dive. There was no dive yesterday for this reason, and it looks like today’s dive may be cancelled as well (although there is a chance it will happen since the winds are calming down). Losing dives is unfortunate because everyone is counting on the number of dives that were planned, and no one wants to let go of their science.

Kiana and I currently have about 400 tubes worth of experiments running, but we wont have any new sample to work with for a couple of days. This means things are relatively calm. Last night we helped sample a sediment core and today we get to try to set up a high pressure high temperature incubation setup. In our lab we like to keep things interesting by dealing with all sorts of potentially dangerous things (radioactivity, heat, pressure, chemicals, heavy objects, power tools) while rocking at sea. Woohoo.

In other news, today is the mid point of our cruise. This is hard to believe because things are moving very quickly. I know that once we pass the half way mark it will just accellerate as well. We are super-excited though, because we found a mysterious “hump day” box in our luggage when we arrived on the boat. Two wonderful colleagues (Mark and Suni, you rock) stealthily snuck it in to our bag, and we have been eagerly anticipating the opening!