It is before midnight, and I am done with the day’s work.  This feels strange… whatever should I do with my time?  I suppose sleep would be wise, but I think Roxie’s vampire book will win out.  Anyhow, I am feeling really good about things out here on the Juan de Fuca.  My only real complaint is that internets are still too slow to share photos (grrrr), but I will keep trying.

We have run a few experiments.  We have a couple more planned.  We have tons of samples to bring back to the lab and work with (Mark, we got you covered!).  Kiana and I are both confident that we will have enough material to write our theses!   Kiana dove today, and we both agree that the rock structures were the coolest thing we saw.  It is hard to picture the size and scale of these chimney’s without seeing them first hand.  Now that we have actually been to one of our main study sites (we both dove at Main Endeavor) I think we both have a much more visceral understanding of the environment. Geoff has more worms than he can process at the moment, and we have lots of mud (and even some experiments) to bring back for Melissa.  So, all in all, life for team G-BAC is pretty good.  It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the cruise.  We have already started planning the packing, cleaning, and transitioning back into lab life.

Tomorrow the sub dives to one more site of importance – trying to retrieve an experiment and replace it with a new one.  If things go well, team Sulfide will have accomplished virtually all of our science objectives.  Giddy up.