Today was a good day, we caught up on some sleep, shook tubes in the rad van (we sang disco while we were doing it – shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your toobies), crushed some final sulfides and started packing up.
It is hard to believe that we have finished collecting samples (there are a couple of dives left, but our stuff is all done), and have transitioned into thinking about cleaning up. Kiana and I got our last sulfide sample today. They were not able to remove the instrument from the chimney as we had hoped, which was a bit of a bummer. Apparently, when something is stuck into a chimney for 2 years it gets pretty stuck… go figure. Other than that, we can’t complain. Our last sets of experiments are in wrapping up in the next couple of days, and we have already started packing things away and making lists of what needs to be done to get samples and some gear shipped back, while the majority of our stuff is going to ride the ship back to Wood’s Hole in September. I am looking forward to driving down to meet it.

Also, I have been given permission to take a few days off when I get back. Hopefully I can head up to Maine for the weekend of July 31st.

Finally… I received an awesome compliment from one of the crew the other day. He referred to me as an “unassuming badass”. I like it.

(still no luck uploading pictures, I promise I have been trying)