I came out of the van tonight to dump some water overboard from one of the water baths we were taking down and noticed the tail end of a beautiful sunset.  It was just the purple-orange glow that remains after the sun is below the horizon, but I could tell it had been beautiful about 30 minutes before.  It occurred to me that I haven’t seen a single sunset out here.  I am not sure how that happened.  I guess I have just been busy with work and didn’t think to make the time.  I made my way to the bow a bit later to take in the moon, and it almost made up for missing the sunset.  It was huge (I think full last night) and masked behind a bit of fog.  Being able to turn 180 degrees and see the remnants of the sun in contrast to the moon is one of those things best experienced at sea.  The last day or so has been full of some pretty big waves, and standing outside watching them – watching the ocean move as it does has been very therapeutic – kind of washes away some of the stress of packing, organizing, and whatnot.

Tomorrow we get into shore at three, and the packing will continue, without the expanse of the open ocean to take the mind wandering… I almost don’t want it to be over.