Throughout the trip, Octavian was great traveling companion.  He wasn’t able to go down in the sub (apparently they don’t like flammable materials, go figure) but he did help out in many ways.

Octavian reconnects with a long lost relative in Portland before the cruise.

Octavian enjoys Alaskan Amber at the dock before heading out to sea.

Octavian, photodocumentarian.

Octavian helps set up our equilibration column.

Despite a lab motto that is not fit for public consumption, Octavian is all about the safety!

Octavian keeps an eye on the syrum vial and Kiana filters some seawater.

Octavian tries to spot me as I climb around the van in rough seas… I didn’t have the heart to tell him it wouldn’t do much good if I fell.

Under Kiana’s spell, Octavian experiments with Hawaiian traditions.

Octavian really wanted to be part of the science, but I had to explain to him that the pressure vessels really aren’t the best place for a small octopus.

Octavian checks out the styrofoam art being prepared for deep sea shrinkage.

Octavian and BaBaBaBa (Charles’ stowaway friend) check out the contents of our awesome Hump Day Box!

Octavian, being the gentleman that he is, does some sketchy electronics so that I don’t have to risk getting shocked.

Octavian hasn’t undergone radiation safety training, so he can’t come into the rad van.  However, he likes to make sure we’re ok while we’re in there.

Octavian and his pal Charles.

Octavian enjoys the sun on the way back into Astoria.

Unfortunately I did not have Octavian with me at dinner last night, but I did see evidence that one of his family members was an important part of the brew pub.