The cruise is over.  About 80 mason jars of sulfides, and 5 coolers worth of frozen samples are waiting for us experiment on or analyze them.  This is a daunting task, but one that I look forward to.  I am in Portland now and have a much faster internet connection, so I figured I would post some more photos.

I think I mentioned a while a go that one of the cores we took came up all clay-mud.  We had fun doing some deep sea pottery.  Apparently someone in Woods Hole actually sells the stuff!

This is another picture from one of our rough seas, non-dive days.  You can’t really tell from this image, but the stern of the ship rising and falling below the height of the waves was pretty cool.

Kiana and I at work in the rad van.

Another image from inside Alvin on the day of my dive.  This is the pilot Dave, my dive-buddy Ben, and myself on the way back up to the surface.

copyright Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Another image from the botton.  This is a deep sea spider crab that was hanging out near one of our sampling sites.

When the sub surfaces, two swimmers are needed to help connect it to the A-frame to be craned on board.  Here Ronnie and James are the swimmers here.  They were lucky this day with a little bit of sun.  Most days it was gray and windy… I did not envy them!