I am in the Portland airport.  I have had a few Rogue beers, so forgive the typos!  I am staring out over a runway and am struck by the amount of evergreen trees that I see in the background.  I was also struck by this simply while driving around Portland… you get on the highway for about 10 minutes and you are somewhere beautiful.  I think the Portland would be a really cool live, and I think that the West coast might be my next move.  Anyhow, I am getting nostalgic thinking about the Atlantis and her crew and the Alvin, and all that we did over the last few weeks.  The day before we left the Boatswain apologized for the number of dives that we had to give up due to weather.  It was clearly not his fault, but he felt bad that we had missed out on an inordanate ammount of science.  “when you dont succeed, we don’t succeed” he said.  This really epitomized for me the attitude that the crew of the Atlantis as well as the Alvin guys had throughout our cruise.  They were there to help us get our science done, and if that meant they had to work through the night doing CTD opps so that folks could dive the next day there were no complaints (that I heard anyways).  I was lucky to get to know an awesome group of scientists, deck hands, engineers, Alvin pilots and techs, galley folks, and other sailors that I dont know the right title for.  They were all there to help learn more about the deep sea, and all of us science folks would not have been able to accomplish our work without their help.

I look forward to meeting the boat in Wood’s Hole in September!