Luckily for me (although maybe problematic down the line if bad weather continues) we have an extra day in port.  We set “sail” tomorrow morning, and I have no doubt that by tomorrow around noon I will be feeling un-awesome.  The first dive of the cruise is scheduled for Thursday around noon, and the microbial samplers that I have built over the last few months need to be ready to go by then.  The only problem is that the epoxy that I used seems to have been screwed up when I soaked them in ethanol to sterilize, so I have to re-do a lot of the creation of little mineral tubes that I did in lab weeks ago.  Awesome.  We can’t get on the ship until 10 am because they are re-fueling.  Awesome.  It’s cool – I always love a challenge, and what better challenge than drilling holes, working with toxic epoxy, and not spilling tiny mineral grains while steaming out in no-so-great whether, while sea sick.  Bring it on.