Written 7/16/11

No dive today. Something happened with the cable getting caught this morning and they had to pull back Doc Rikits. Hopefully they will be able t make the repairs, and we qcan dive tomorrow.

Yesterday was a great tive. We deployed all 9 iSmacs: 6 in one location near the ESP, and 6 right near a chimney called Marshmallow. S nice the dive today was cancelled, there will not be a 42 hour deployment, but that is probably fine. The question is when to collect and which ones to leave out there. As soon as I get the first few back I can start to prepare the last 3.


Yesterday was an exciting dive even though we spent more than 6 hours sitting in one place charging the big instrument that this cruise is focused on. The instrument is called the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP), and is really cool because it does molecular biology that we normally do in lab on the sea floor. The downside is that it takes hours each day to charge, which is a bit boring from the control room side of things.

Anyhow, the dive was exciting because we brought up 3 of my iSmacs.