Written 7/22/11

It is strange to be on a research cruise and get 10 hours of sleep… 2 nights in a row! Since the last 3 dives of this cruise belonged to the geologists we have been able to work on other things for the last day or so. I spent most of yesterday talking working on my thesis proposal for my qualifying exam. Te good thing about being at sea with your advisor is that he is a captive audience with minimal distractions. We talked about my project for a few hours yesterday, which was really helpful. After that meeting I spent the rest of the day at my computer. Rocking back and forth (we had a couple of rough days) I tried to turn my proposal into s compelling story. I’m not sure how well I did with that, however.

Today Charles and I started packing up. We get into port tomorrow evening, and our flight is just about 24 hours later, so we won’t have much time. I think we got a good head start though. The sub is in the water scoping out lava flows and collecting rocks. Kinda makes me nostalgic for my geology days. In about an hour the sub will come up, and we will start the steam back into shore. It has all gone very quickly. It’s hard to believe that my qualifying exam is only 6 weeks away!