Our second day at sea is approaching its end. Seas are still calm and I remain seasickness-free!

I have unlisted the help of a good friend to receive my posts via email and upload them on my behalf since I can’t seem to access WordPress from the ship.  Thanks Roxie! Here is yesterday’s entry:

Not much happened today. I slept through breakfast – which was a bit strange because I was sure I’d wake up when I heard people moving around. I did a bit of reading before lunch. After lunch I pre loaded 300 tubes with preservative in order to have one fewer things to do when we start collecting samples. I also labeled 75 tubes for a different set of samples. I think tomorrow will be another full day of just cruising, and the the evening of the day after we will supposedly hit our practice station. From there it’s about 20 hours to the actual stations where all the fun really starts.

Dinner was pretty awesome: flank steak, crab cakes, and poke. After dinner we were called outside by one of the crew to see a large pod of dolphins, maybe 20 of them, playing at our bow. That was pretty exciting. I also saw a couple of flying fish.  I’ve never seen them alive before, and I was surprised how far they can fly!

Tomorrow is our last full transit day.  We should make it to out test station by the end of the day Sunday.