6/21 16:00. We’re on our way to our last station. The last couple of days have flown by in a haze of prepping instruments for deployment, filtering water samples, organizing color coded tubes, taking notes, getting sprayed with cold seawater, trying not to burn in the hot Mexican sun, getting sea sick, and much more that I’m currently too tired to relate.

 6/22 07:00. We’re still about 7 hours away from out last station. I’m feeling a bit better after a solid 12 hours of sleep. I haven’t been able to get everything done that I planned, but hopefully after this last station I will come close. We’re heading back offshore after a few more coastal stations where we will collect more water that can be compared with the coastal stations. We will also try to collect mud for the sediment folks, but so far we have had mixed results with our coring attempts. It’s pretty disappointing to wait around for hours while the multi corer (a large pyramid shaped structure that – hopefully – collects multiple sediment cores at once) goes all the way down through 2000 meters of water only to have it come up empty. 

 Everyone is in good spirits after a much needed good sleep.