This morning, while the sun and fog played tug of war with the sky, a pod of dolphins came and played in the wake from the bow. At least twice I saw a straight line of 4 dolphins coming in directly towards the bow, jumping and diving along the way. I also saw some in the distance jumping not in the normal way but breaching like whales do. A few hours later when the water was smoother and the fog gone, I watched from the bridge (a good two stories above the water) as multiple groups of dolphins simultaneously played at the bow, and off in the distance at various angles. Pretty darn cool. 

 Stuff is basically packed. I need to label my boxes for shipping and I’ll be done. We get into port around 8am tomorrow, should clear customs by 10, we’ll make a run for dry ice, the boxes will get picked up around 3 by FedEx, and then… I’m done. It’s been good, but I’m ready to head home. I will miss the dolphins.